Out With The Old, In With The New | How To Delete Memory

I think more than ever in my life I’ve been faced with the reality that things aren’t always going to go as planned. For the most part I deal with… Read more

Suncoast In-depth

“Suncoast In-depth” is a mid-week (Thurs. eve. 6:30-8ish) opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion around topics and questions that challenge old paradigms and inspire new growth. Below are some topics… Read more

What I Learned From The Parenting Class As A Childfree Millennial

Hi there! You can scroll to the bottom for the full playlist, or keep reading! I had the pleasure of hosting a podcast series with Susan called “Parenting Class” which… Read more

The real Coffee Talk

  Ryan, Chase, and I have recently started a coffee roasting company. In this video I talk with Rita about some of the basics of coffee and our vision for… Read more

A Creative Music Video | half•alive – still feel.

This music video’s use of color, clever camera angles, and choreographed dance is very creative and is inspiring to me. It frequently uses long shots that slowly zoom in on one… Read more

You are Two Brains

This video is about explaining how our brains are technically two different brains working together. It adds a whole new perspective to how I think