“Test… One, Two!” “Test… One, Two!”

In this podcast Rita and I discuss two worlds in which I’ve been exploring both as a career and as a hobby. The first topic being….. podcasting!  It’s still a… Read more

Colin O’Brady – First Man to Travel Across Antartica Unassisted

Colin O’Brady’s story of crossing Antartica all alone was chilling and heart warming at the same time. If you are looking for motivation through an incredible story, take a listen… Read more

Wake Up Early And You’ll Change Your Life

Last night I was scrolling through my Youtube feed and saw a video about waking up at 5Am (even if you don’t feel like it). It flashed me back to… Read more

A Video On Finding Meaning

In this video the creator (exurb1a) makes the case that ‘Meaning’ is more sustainable than ‘Happiness’. He brings up a lot of good points and is also very entertaining.

How to Get What You Want

This is one of the best Ted Talks ever – it’s the one that helped me “Stop It” when it comes to hitting the snooze button. Mel Robbins is hilarious… Read more

Leadership By Steve Jobs (How to Motivate People)

A quick 12 minute video by Steve jobs explaining how to motivate people, and how to be a leader. I’ve been focusing a lot of trying to be a leader,… Read more

A Great Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert (Creative Genius)

I watched this Ted Talk a few years ago and still absolutely love what Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) has to say. When you work in a creative… Read more

“Overlap” The Book I’ll Be Reading….

Here’s a little view in my life, what my thought process is and what my next steps will be in my growth. If you’re interested, I’ve attached the audiobook so… Read more