“Hello World” A Series Title Story

It was late in the week and Stephen had a concerned look in his eye as he calmly asked the question he seems to asks every 6 to 8 weeks…. Read more

“Test… One, Two!” “Test… One, Two!”

In this podcast Rita and I discuss two worlds in which I’ve been exploring both as a career and as a hobby. The first topic being….. podcasting!  It’s still a… Read more

The man (and woman) fighting in the arena.

Brene Brown does some amazing work regarding vulnerability and connection. Whether you are creative for your job or in your personal life, it’s scary to put yourself out there. In… Read more

The real Coffee Talk

  Ryan, Chase, and I have recently started a coffee roasting company. In this video I talk with Rita about some of the basics of coffee and our vision for… Read more

A Creative Music Video | half•alive – still feel.

This music video’s use of color, clever camera angles, and choreographed dance is very creative and is inspiring to me. It frequently uses long shots that slowly zoom in on one… Read more

Song Writing Exercises

I’ve been asked quite a few times recently how do I write songs? That’s been a hard one to answer because I constantly have to change my process in order… Read more

A Video about Not Making a Video – Getting over Perceived Failure

Many times when I’m working on a video or project I ask myself questions like “Why am I doing this?” and “Will anyone want to watch this? Do I even… Read more

Making Of: The 3 Values Videos

When I started working at Suncoast in 2011, we had one camera (Canon 7D) and BIG dreams. I quickly learned that my work was unique: Pastor Larry just wanted us… Read more