Dancing with the Dark Side of Your Personality Podcast

This podcast helped me understand that even when you have a negative feeling, you can learn to be okay with it and use it to make a better life for… Read more

Empowering Podcast with my fav, Jen Hatmaker

Every now and then, I will run across someone who is super inspiring. When I hear a message that totally hits me where I’m living, it feels like Jesus himself… Read more

Cogent Thoughts

Cogent Thoughts is a YouTube channel myself and Kevin O’hara started in 2014 to help people tackle difficult question or doubts around faith in God.

The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr

If you have ever wondered how the world’s religions can be seen by Christians as legitimate then this book will be an inspirational read! I think Richard Rohr might one… Read more

Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley

This book is a rich compendium of quotes from the sages of all of the world’s major religions! Perennial Philosophy is a spirituality that views all of the world’s wisdom… Read more

They’re HAVING a hard time

Often my time reading these days is spent on online articles on parenting. Several months ago, a friend of mine with a child 4 months older than my guy mentioned… Read more

Why We Made The “Alone” Art Video

You may have noticed that one of our Origen music videos is unlike the others. I want to tell you about the process of writing “Alone” first to help you… Read more

How to talk to young people about doubt

When leaders and parents tend to silence young people’s doubts, young people not only learn that their church and family can’t handle doubt; they think God can’t handle doubt either…. Read more

How do I help busy and stressed teenagers and young adults? Two new rules of thumb

Approximately 20% of teenagers confess that they worry a great deal about current and future life events. But only 8% of the parents of these same teenagers are aware that… Read more

Conversations about Parenting Toddlers

Raising children can be one of the most magical and fulfilling parts of life. You get a front row seat to the wonder of life through the eyes of someone… Read more