What Mom Might REALLY Need

I’m a mother of a (great) toddler.  My husband works incredibly hard to support our family to the tune of 80 hours a week on a swing shift, so I’m never quite sure when I’ll see him next.  So I find myself doing nearly all of the day-to-day tasks for our household and our three-year-old.

I stumbled across this article, and almost every portion resonated deep within me.  I do need a break – but often the kind of break I can fit in isn’t enough to restore much of my energy.  My brain is still wound up thinking about what I need to buy to put in my son’s lunch for tomorrow, or what he’ll wear for picture day next week, or what time I need to be home so that I can start bedtime at a proper time and allow for the inevitable arguments and coaxing into what I need my little man to do. I haven’t been able to truly turn my brain off at all.

Then I feel guilty about needing more. But self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a need.

If you have young children, this article will likely resonate with you. If you don’t have small people clutching your ankles and demanding your attention 97. 6 percent of the time, read it anyway.  It will give you a snapshot into the lives of (and maybe make you more compassionate toward) those of us who do.

When I Say I Need A Break, I Don’t Mean A Bubble Bath

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