“Things stick when you live them out.”

Okay…so not sure what I loved best about this Podcast.

Is it just hearing Reggie Joiner speak?  I think he is so wise and has such a pulse on what Youth in our churches really need.

Is it because I get so excited when I see how Anita and her magical team are aligning with these ideas and staying current?  Anita knows what kids need because she…ahem…she asks them!

The big idea in the podcast is – to help kids see their value, give them something valuable to do.  Kids want to know that they can make a difference.  We have never been of the mindset of “What can kids do to volunteer”.  It has always been more of “What CAN’T kids do”.  Our youth are amazing.

This summer at camp, the Youth volunteered:
– 3 mornings at a local Assisted Living Facility
– 2 afternoons at Satchels Last Resort (Animal Shelter)
– packaged over 10,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger
– donated denim and made patterns for shoes for Sole Hope
– made placemats for Meals on Wheels
– wrote encouraging notes for More Love Letters
And even more!

On an ongoing basis there are youth small group leaders, youth volunteering in the Cafe, in the Youth band.  These are kids with a purpose!

So to keep it going, we already have many great things planned this fall and beyond.


“Things stick when you live them out.” LOVE IT!



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