Better Bedtime Stories

We’re jumping into the new school year where there will be homework, sports, lunches to pack, papers to sign, and firm (ish) bedtimes.

Bedtime for us is made or broken by how well we execute the routine. In our house, it looks like this: bath, jammies, stories, saying our prayers (most nights), singing songs, and then (FINALLY!) bed.  I’m at the end of my day, often tired, cranky, and craving time by myself.

But reading to my little guy has become one of the highlights of my day. He gets to pick what we read and we snuggle in. There’s a sort of magic in time spent together going on the same adventure.  I get a front row seat to what thrills him. What frightens him.  What makes him giggle. Those little moments he spends on my lap help us both unwind and fuel our connection.

Going into the school year is a great time for fresh starts. Whether reading to your kids has lost some of its magic for you, or like me it’s your favorite time of day, this article had some great reminders to make the most of this incredible time!

How To Read Better Bedtime Stories

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