Be Your Spouse’s First Responder

I stumbled across this article this week. I skimmed it, but it continued to stick with me, so I went back and read the article in full. It’s a simple concept, but looking at it in terms of a first responder gives a different perspective.

We live in a society where it is acceptable (and sometimes almost expected) to complain about your spouse.  And yes. You live with someone for long enough, and there are bound to be things that make you crazy. In my house, it’s juice tabs left on the counter mere feet from the garbage can.  There’s social media; mom groups and dad groups that are often informative and can be great for community, but they provide a forum to bash those we live with and who should be our teammates.  In our quest to relate to our peers, it’s easy to forget to make relating to your spouse your priority.

Here at Suncoast, we talk often about serving others. It’s easy to purge toys and clothes and give them to Mothers Helping Mothers.  I love backpack time, because I can go out and get a backpack – that’s something tangible I can DO to help others. I can schedule a time slot to focus on serving.

But how about remembering to serve in love during every moment we spend at home with people who push buttons we didn’t know existed?  How about remembering to serve when your significant other has left a pile of clothes in the bathroom for the 3rd time this week after you specifically asked them to remember to pick up?

And then there are the moments that blindside us. I’m often too quick to jump to blame my husband for circumstances that may or may not be his fault.  This article was a great reminder to put relationship ahead of my frustration. To remember that we are doing life TOGETHER – it’s not about how much he does or how much I do, but rather how we live and how we give to each other.

Marriage is a lot of things. But first, it’s about caring for your spouse. This was a great reminder.

How To Be Your Spouse’s First Responder

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