Parenting – Let’s Get Real

Let’s talk parenting for a moment.

For those of you who don’t know my backstory, I have my degree in Elementary Education. I worked in a daycare through my college years.  I taught middle & high school for 2 years.  I have brothers significantly younger than I am (8 years younger and 13 years younger) that I had experience helping with at home.  I spent 4 years after I graduated college substituting and being a nanny/babysitter.  I’ve actually had 14 years worth of babysitting experience. I traveled with families to provide childcare while they were away. I stayed overnight with children while parents traveled out of state.

On the surface, you’d think I’d be pretty well equipped to bring a little person into this world and raise them to be a successful adult.

Those of you who have children are chuckling at this point. There’s NO preparation for what it is to become a parent.

Every great thing you hear about parenting is rooted in truth. Kids have an incredible perspective on the world and getting to witness things as they see them is a wonder-filled experience.  Kids are kind, generous, and honest – to a fault. Their naivete is both inspiring and gut-wrenching. (How do you explain an adult’s cruelty to a child?). They expect the best of you, and it’s heartbreaking to disappoint them. All of this is TRUE.

But there are also things about raising a child that I have found to be even more challenging than I could have ever begun to imagine. Mine mostly have to do with sleep (as in lack of) and physical exhaustion!

Rita asked me to have a Coffee Talk with her about parenting. I had no idea what she had in mind. I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. I only have one child, who has just turned 3. And he’s a relatively easy, sweet-natured, calm child. And I adore him.

But being a parent is hard. Rita got a snapshot of an average day in my life.

Here’s our chat.  Hopefully you can relate!


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