Why We Made The “Alone” Art Video

You may have noticed that one of our Origen music videos is unlike the others. I want to tell you about the process of writing “Alone” first to help you understand why we did an art video instead of a lyric video. Let’s go back to the beginning of the year, when the team decided it was time to put our efforts into an album.

We didn’t want a bunch of songs that sound good musically, yet fall a bit flat (or generic) lyrically (this seems to be the case with a lot of christian music these days). We wanted to SAY something. We wanted to use stories and experiences so (hopefully) it could be meaningful to the listener. We knew there was an upcoming series about Genesis, and the story of Adam and Eve living in/out of the garden is packed full of symbolism and extremely deep meaning.

We approached these songs similar to how we’ve approached writing scripts: you need individual pieces to fit together to tell the whole story (so think “mini stories” that make up the main story). Ryan Baucom had an idea and it seemed to fit perfectly as the first “mini story”. It was about being angry, feeling alone and abandoned by the one you thought would care for you (Adam and Eve being kicked out of the paradise they called home). When you go through hard times, or feel the pain of struggle, it can be easy to blame others or become a victim. Yet, when you are able to gain a bit of perspective, you realize that going out alone is the best thing for your growth and freedom. You aren’t truly free without struggle and triumph, and in the Genesis story, God knew that. It’s not good for children to stay home and escape responsibility forever, which is why moving out is such a big moment: it shows them what they’re truly made of. As much as it may hurt (both parents and children), it is a wonderful adventure, a journey to know what was previously unknown.

Ryan was inspired by his dad, Pastor Larry, who had once told us an old interpretation of what happened to Adam and Eve and it gave me chills when I heard the ending. It’s the story that inspired the song “Alone” which is why bringing it to life with visuals was extremely important: we wanted people to see what we saw.

It goes something like this:
Long ago when the world was young, Adam and Eve had been banished from the garden where they lived. They traveled on foot, in search of a place to call home. They came across a valley with a cave nearby and decided to stay. Adam worked hard to provide for his family, he planted crops and hunted animals. Eve had babies, she cared for them and taught them how to live.

One day, after working hard and feeling satisfied for the life they had created on their own, Adam turned to Eve and said: “This feels so right. I don’t think we were ever meant to live in the garden forever… where everything was provided… without any struggle, goals, dreams, ambitions, or children. You know, God was wrong. It was a mistake.”

He became impassioned and stood outside of the cave and shouted: “God! Did you hear me?! You were wrong!”

And from so far away that your mind cannot imagine, yet so close that Adam’s breath was hot on God’s cheek, God smiled.

I LOVE THAT LAST LINE! That’s the kind of God I’m intrigued by, the one that wants what is best for us, but also wants us to do something to make it happen, because we CAN. He reveled in Adam’s newfound passionate independence; it’s what he hoped would happen. He didn’t even care for being called wrong, it made him smile. Why? It meant Adam was strong enough to live in this world. That’s super cool to me, and it makes me want to go out and do some difficult stuff so I too can make God smile.

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