How to talk to young people about doubt

When leaders and parents tend to silence young people’s doubts, young people not only learn that their church and family can’t handle doubt; they think God can’t handle doubt either.

Here is a great article about how to talk to your kids about their doubt by Fuller Youth Institute.  Here at Suncoast, we not only welcome – but actually encourage – questions about God, the Bible, and Faith.

“…it’s time to reframe young people’s questions and doubts not as challenges, but as opportunities. In both our Sticky Faith and Growing Young research, we found that feeling the freedom to express doubt was actually correlated with faith maturity. Put more simply, it’s not doubt that’s toxic to faith, it’s silence.”

The article goes on to say that you can connect your kids to other resources.  We have amazing resources in our pastors here at Suncoast.  Do not hesitate to contact us…that’s what we are here for!

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