Conversations about Parenting Toddlers

Raising children can be one of the most magical and fulfilling parts of life. You get a front row seat to the wonder of life through the eyes of someone who doesn’t carry the stresses and responsibilities of life. You experience the beauty of being there and shaping a person for the next generation.  There is something so refreshing about the simplicity of a child’s perspective. It’s incredible.

But where a child under 5 is concerned,  your days are also exhausting. You have to be “on” all the time. You’re answering endless questions, feeding, cleaning, playing, supervising, and feeding again.  You travel with enough “stuff” that you might need your own zip code. If you’ve got a significant other, you also need to carve out time for them.

I have one child. He’s almost three, and for the most part, he’s a pretty good kid.  And I’m finding myself isolated, overwhelmed, and drained.

I am leading a conversation to try to connect parents in this stage. If you are in this stage, or even just on the other side, we’d love to have you join us for lunch. Wednesdays March 27, April 3, 10, &17. Tijuana Flats on Clark from 11:30-1:00pm

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