Becoming Me

I wrote this poem about the way, that as we grow older, circumstances can steal our childlike view of life as an adventure and how Jesus brought that child back to life in me.

Becoming Meby Brett Watson

The me in youth played epic tales
Toward stormy seas I set the sails
Fearsome beasts I felled with sword
The dragon’s gold my just reward
I showered gifts on all in need
And all did love the hero’s deed

But life’s cruel twists of irony
It seemed I grew to be less than me

My life was not an epic tale
My ship adrift with tattered sail
The fearsome beasts felled me with words
The dragon’s lies composed a dirge
The gifts I thought my friends would need
Were spurned like trash in jealous greed

Life’s cruel twists of irony
It seemed I grew to be less than me

Yet then my eyes beheld the sight
A friend, my Lord, my soul’s delight
He calmed the storms inside of me
Rescued me from savage seas
His love my strength His words my blade
By grace the lies of monsters slayed

By heaven’s twists of irony
It seems I’m still becoming me

My Lord and I now hand in hand
I board the ship with strength to stand
As blessed hope fills mended sails
We chart new course for epic tales!

Never let life rob you of the adventure!

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