“Hello World” A Series Title Story

It was late in the week and Stephen had a concerned look in his eye as he calmly asked the question he seems to asks every 6 to 8 weeks. “What is this series going to be called?”.

I know this look of concern was not simply because he likes to stay ahead on his graphic design list of “to-do’s”. Nor was the look due to the fact that Sherri is definitely pressuring him for the design so she can print the teaching handouts. The true reason for his concerned look was whether the name would be something he loves or makes him cringe. Since he is the one that will spend the most time with the name, I know he is hoping that I deliver him something palatable at the very least.

Creating a series title is often easy and obvious due to the content thats being taught; however, there are some titles that are too obvious. Because we were going to be talking through the creation stories in Genesis, the obvious names were things like, “In the Beginning”, “From Adam” and the ingenious title “Genesis”.

As I am sure you could guess, these series titles just weren’t doing it for me. I wanted something that made sense, but would work on a deeper level. Over the last few years I have come to love these stories from Genesis 1-11 (if you would like to know why, check out my post on Jordan Peterson’s Biblical lecture series). I just wanted something that said, “Hey, Stephen! I can still produce something high quality and relevant. Why don’t you quit judging me with your concerned looks and long, beautiful, blonde hair?”

Suddenly I realized something I had found when attempting to learn a bit of computer coding a few years back. “Hello, world!” is a program that is often used to introduce new programmers to code. In fact, it is the very first piece of code a new programmer will write.

I don’t know why, but in that moment I knew this was the perfect name for the series. Not only does it give a great little “hello” to the earth from God, but it also shows how we are constantly reflecting this ancient creation motif, even in our computer programming tests, which is how we create incredible things at the most basic level! Ok, maybe I am reading into it way too much… but that’s what I do. As for this series and our purposes, I have to say I am excited that there is a deeply symbolic name for a deeply symbolic set of stories.


Kudos to Stephen for the amazing series logo. I absolutely love it.



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