Wake Up Early And You’ll Change Your Life

Last night I was scrolling through my Youtube feed and saw a video about waking up at 5Am (even if you don’t feel like it). It flashed me back to a few years ago when I was desperately trying to get into the “5AM Club”. Something about it was so alluring and motivating, and I simply felt envious of people who could wake up before the rest of the world. Countless successful people have made it a habit, books have been written about it, and the few people I know who practice this early bird way of life seem to be more driven and able to accomplish tasks that move their life forward. Of course, the biggest draw was the fact that it is SO HARD to wake up early, and I figured those who had mastered it were more disciplined and responsible (two unpleasant things I find extremely important).

I started waking up at 5AM and found it easy for the first few days, probably because I was excited to be trying something new. Then, a few weeks in, I found myself feeling more and more tired, more and more lost on why I was doing this ridiculous thing, and finally, I started romanticizing sleep and I just stopped altogether. It was defeating, frustrating, and I realized I never belonged in the club (cue the tiny violin).

I should add, I believed I was a special case of “can’t get out of bed” because it felt impossible, truly, to pry myself from what I affectionately call the “creamy existence” between being asleep and awake. I could live my life there and be happy forever. I did live my life there for a while, too long probably, but here’s the weird part: if I needed to wake up early for say, a flight or a video shoot, there were no issues. I was capable, but unwilling.

Now flash back to last night. I see the title of the video (How To Wake Up At 5AM Even If You Don’t Feel Like It) and I thought “sounds like me”. So, I clicked “play” and the motivation started creeping back in. Amy quoted from a book called “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins (I’ve watched her on a podcast) and she incorporates this rule as soon as her alarm goes off: count down from 5, and at 1, make a decision and act on it. She makes a point about the morning time being the height of focus and productivity for your mind, and that it is the best time to do the things you’ve WANTED to do but never do because you’re out of energy by the end of the day. That sounds like me. She also said to shower and get dressed first; be ready for the day so you can’t wander back to bed. The most important part of waking up early (which Amy says will always be hard in some way, you just have to do it) is to find a good enough WHY. This struck me because in my failed attempt, I would mostly just sit outside and watch the sun come up and pitter patter around until I would have normally ventured out of bed (the last minute). Amy suggests re-writing your goals and to amp yourself up every morning to remember why you are taking back those vitally important hours. So guess what I did this morning? Wait hang on, I should mention that waking up early (for me, and most people) starts the night before: go to bed early! I went to bed at 9:15-9:30, and then, guess what I did this morning?

I woke up at 6AM (2 whole hours earlier than before) and I wanted to see how long it took me to get showered, dressed, with hair and makeup done. I wanted to LIKE this new way of life, so I didn’t put a crazy amount of expectation on myself. Just wake up and see what it could be like if I did this every day. How much time would I have to work on my personal creative projects (currently, posting more content on my Youtube channel)? How much better would I feel every day if I was actually awake and had accomplished something meaningful BEFORE I left for work? I’ll tell you: I felt (and still feel as I write this post) AMAZING! My goal is to eventually make it to that 5AM mark, but for now, I am proud of the 6AM club. If you want to join me, watch the video that helped with the motivation I needed to begin again. They say you won’t fail if you never stop trying, so here’s to trying again!


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