Functional NeuroMuscular and Skeletal Corrective Health

Hey all!

Fitness has been a pivotal part of my life for a while at this point, and I wanted to share some highly credible YouTube channels that I have been learning from for years now. Between these 3 channels you should be able to find answers to most of your fitness and health questions.

NOTE… Most of the content you’ll find is more about corrective stretches and exercises. Not necessarily workouts for you to specifically follow (I’ll add more of this over time).

Leave a comment on what you found most helpful!!

Click the name below to go to the channel page.

ATHLEAN-X  >> This was one of the FIRST good sources I found at the beginning of my fitness journey

Functional Patterns >> This guy speaks in more “advanced” type terms, but I trust you’ll enjoy it nonetheless

GuerrillaZen Fitness >> This guy has a cool holistic approach to everything that I definitely appreciate

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