A Great Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert (Creative Genius)

I watched this Ted Talk a few years ago and still absolutely love what Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) has to say. When you work in a creative field (I’ve worked in film for the past decade of my life), there are times when you feel as though your best is behind you. These are the times that can make or break an artist, and Elizabeth addresses how to navigate through those waters and keep creating (or at least show up, do your part, and see what happens at the end). I find this to be true: expression often comes before understanding; however, creative minds are sensitive and it is often hard to trust the soul baring method through which inspiration and expression collide. You’ve heard “trust the process” before, but what if you don’t quite know what the process is? This Ted Talk will help you identify, understand, and embrace your unique “creative genius” and fuel the fire to keep making new and beautiful things.

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