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Want more from Suncoast? You came to the right place! Check out the highlight video for a sneak peak into each Podcast, Music Video, or Coffee Talk linked below. Here’s… Read more

Why Having A Kid Should Scare You

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Lisa (one of our Suncoast Kids Directors) on Coffee Talk. I am so grateful that she was honest and open with… Read more

Dancing with the Dark Side of Your Personality Podcast

This podcast helped me understand that even when you have a negative feeling, you can learn to be okay with it and use it to make a better life for… Read more

Suncoast In-depth

“Suncoast In-depth” is a mid-week (Thurs. eve. 6:30-8ish) opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion around topics and questions that challenge old paradigms and inspire new growth. Below are some topics… Read more

The Meaning of “Everywhere” (New Song by Origen)

If you are interested in the meaning behind “Everywhere”, check out the podcast! Ryan and I go through the lyrics and explain the process and inspiration behind this Origen original…. Read more

Why I Started Eating Meat Again

A section of this podcast with Joe Rogan and Dr. Kelly Brogan was an important step in my journey from strict herbivore back to omnivore (starting at 1:21:19). Just after… Read more

What I Learned From The Parenting Class As A Childfree Millennial

Hi there! You can scroll to the bottom for the full playlist, or keep reading! I had the pleasure of hosting a podcast series with Susan called “Parenting Class” which… Read more

“Test… One, Two!” “Test… One, Two!”

In this podcast Rita and I discuss two worlds in which I’ve been exploring both as a career and as a hobby. The first topic being….. podcasting!  It’s still a… Read more

Colin O’Brady – First Man to Travel Across Antartica Unassisted

Colin O’Brady’s story of crossing Antartica all alone was chilling and heart warming at the same time. If you are looking for motivation through an incredible story, take a listen… Read more

Just breathe…

I am fascinated by the idea of changing my emotional state by breathing, or more specifically, breathing by intention. This practice is centuries old, and for me it ties back… Read more