We’re not broken

Ted Talks are so fun – and this one spoke to me so loudly. Here’s my favorite quote: “The bud is not less whole than the blossom, it’s just at… Read more

Empowering Podcast with my fav, Jen Hatmaker

Every now and then, I will run across someone who is super inspiring. When I hear a message that totally hits me where I’m living, it feels like Jesus himself… Read more

Just breathe…

I am fascinated by the idea of changing my emotional state by breathing, or more specifically, breathing by intention. This practice is centuries old, and for me it ties back… Read more

The man (and woman) fighting in the arena.

Brene Brown does some amazing work regarding vulnerability and connection. Whether you are creative for your job or in your personal life, it’s scary to put yourself out there. In… Read more


This is so basic. Sitting still and just breathing is not always easy. Here is a great Ted Talks that will walk you through a practice that may help! I… Read more

How does one become a runner?

This is a great question! Maybe a better question is, “Why do you want to run?” It’s good for my cardiovascular system and good for my waistline. I really like… Read more

Self love is not selfish

As a recovering codependent, it’s taken a long time to recognize my own worth. Being a part of this Jesus community has helped so much. Here’s an article that summarizes… Read more

Yoga with Adriene – My Morning Routine

There is a lot of information telling us how important it is to begin our day with a solid foundation. Yoga with Adriene is my go-to almost every morning –… Read more

Vulnerability – Brene Brown

I’ve already confessed that I am a Ted Talks enthusiast. I love this one for many reasons, but mainly because Brene Brown is real, which gives everyone, including me, permission… Read more

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

There were several things in this Ted Talk that resonated with me. Keeping up with a shoe habit and skydiving. What are the things that resonated with you? Enjoy! Sherri