Lisa Zimmerman

What Mom Might REALLY Need

I’m a mother of a (great) toddler. ┬áMy husband works incredibly hard to support our family to the tune of 80 hours a week on a swing shift, so I’m… Read more

Teaching Kids the Value of Peace

We live in a world that moves at the speed of light. Work, appointments, after school activities, homework, and any semblance of a social life you try to have for… Read more

Better Bedtime Stories

We’re jumping into the new school year where there will be homework, sports, lunches to pack, papers to sign, and firm (ish) bedtimes. Bedtime for us is made or broken… Read more

Be Your Spouse’s First Responder

I stumbled across this article this week. I skimmed it, but it continued to stick with me, so I went back and read the article in full. It’s a simple… Read more

Parenting – Let’s Get Real

Let’s talk parenting for a moment. For those of you who don’t know my backstory, I have my degree in Elementary Education. I worked in a daycare through my college… Read more

They’re HAVING a hard time

Often my time reading these days is spent on online articles on parenting. Several months ago, a friend of mine with a child 4 months older than my guy mentioned… Read more

Conversations about Parenting Toddlers

Raising children can be one of the most magical and fulfilling parts of life. You get a front row seat to the wonder of life through the eyes of someone… Read more

Why do we do Free Family Events?

We do a lot of Free Family Events here at Suncoast. Why do we do that? Something powerful happens in the moments we spend with our families. When we share… Read more

Stuff Christians Like – Just Plain Funny

I love to read, but since I’ve had a baby, and now have a toddler, my time for reading is limited, and often leads me into a quick, deep sleep…. Read more

Don’t Miss the Moment – Be Present

Our world is saturated with digital videos, photos, social media posts. We as parents want to document every moment of our little miracle’s milestones. But sometimes, we miss the point…. Read more