Dr. Larry Baucom

The Sacred Canopy by Peter Berger

The Sacred Canopy by sociologist Peter Berger takes us back to the foundations of religion in every society. He helps formulate an understanding of how rules and regulations were created… Read more

12 Rules For Life by Jordan B. Peterson

Twelve Rules For Life by Dr. Jordan Peterson is largely a summary of his other book, Maps of Meaning. Peterson looks at life from a psychological perspective based on the… Read more

The Great Spiritual Migration by Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren speaks in this book regarding the transformation that Christianity needs to take. It needs to change from its old standards, which are full of rules and regulations and… Read more

Love Wins by Rob Bell

Love Wins by Rob Bell is an excellent, easy-to-read expose on the concept that love is the very nature of God, not justice or wrath. He refutes the traditional understanding… Read more

Unbelievable By John Shelby Spong

Unbelievable is a new book written by John Shelby Spong, who is a retired 88 year old Episcopal Bishop. I have a strong affinity with Bishop Spong and his writings…. Read more

The Future of Faith by Harvey Cox

Dr. Harvey Cox is a professor at Harvard University. He mentions the conflict of beliefs and attitudes, and how traditional Christianity is falling apart and dying. He comes from a… Read more